Ustka is a place scented with the sun, beach and pine forest. Here you can enjoy walks at the seaside, the relaxing swoosh of surf as well as the variety of walking and bike routes.

In Ustka there are also lots of places worth visiting:

  • The Port of Ustka which stretches along the mouth part of the River Słupia, the granaries of the red brick built in the place of even older half-timbered granaries with one of the shortest lighthouses on the Polish coast.
  • The Third Pier which is the remains of the German enterprise connected with building a big port in Ustka.
  • The Neo-Gothic Church of Our Saviour built in 1888 in which it is recommended to see among others the interesting wooden galleries.
  • The Museum of Ziemia Ustecka, where the objects reflect the history of the resort – a sewing and typing machine, an old skate or a 100-year-old swimsuit.
  • The Museum of Bread, founded by a baker and confectioner  Eugeniusz Brzóska with old gingerbread tins, cream agitators,  a pre-war machine to sell sweets and lots of relics of bakery’s past .
  • The backstreet called Zaułek Kapitański, at present bearing the name of the square of John Paul II. Not a big square on which there were several old tenements whose foundations may be even hundreds years old. These were the houses of ships’ captains – and the name of this backstreet comes from them.
  • The Monument of the Mermaid on the east pier referring to the legend of the mermaid of Ustka and its coat of arms.
  • The seaside promenade with lots of hotels and restaurants was founded in 1875. The Prince Otto von Bismarck was  the lover of walks along the eastern beach of Ustka.
  • Post-German Bunkers on the western side of Ustka were built in the 30’s as a part of defence system of Nazi Germany. Some bunkers are connected with underground passages, nearby there is also an ammunition warehouse. In the past this area was under a strict control of the Soviet Union, at present it is widely available.