Energetyk Hotel is a place friendly for families with children. Kids are treated in a special way in our Hotel.

Children are divided into three groups in our Hotel:

  • Children from 0 to 3 years old
    Accommodation with breakfast is free of charge when the child sleeps in a room with parents without an additional bed i.e. on a bed with parents.
  • Children from 3 to 11 years old
    In case of a separate bed for a child – 50% discount which includes a fee for breakfast.
  • Children over 11 years old
    Children over 11 years old are treated in our Hotel as adults as far as accommodation and meals are concerned.

At the request we provide

In a room:

  • cot bed for a small child (for a fee)
  • additional pillows
  • socket protection
  • drawer protection
  • stairs protection (in holiday cottages)

In a bathroom:

  • additional towels for children
  • baby bath
  • chamber pots and covers for toilet seats
  • plastic stairs to make using a washbasin possible for children
  • anti slippery mat

At the restaurants we provide:

  • We know the needs of children in different ages: for example chocolate cream instead of cured meat, chocolate flakes instead of corn flakes, toasts instead of white bread. No matter if your child is a poor eater or loves different tastes, each of them will find something for himself or herself.
  • chairs for children
  • special menu for children

In addition our guests are offered the following

On sunny days we invite you and your children to a Hotel garden where there is a playground for kids – Fully safe with a trampoline and goals for mini football and foosballs.

Children’s club
On the ground floor of the Hotel there is a playroom. There is among others a house for children, a pool with balls, a sidle, colouring pages, books, puzzles, teddy bears and many other toys. At the Reception Desk it is possible to borrow books to read to the kids, playing cards or other family games.

Animation program
During the summer season we offer free of charge animation activities for children over 3 years old (group games, contests, plastic activities etc.)

Reception Desk has at its disposal
Actual telephone numbers to general practitioners, paediatricians.
Actual addresses and telephone numbers to the nearest chemists.

In addition we offer
Washing machine (self-service).
Hiring bicycles with chairs for children.